Embassy Meetings and Incentives

What we can do for you

We offer a turnkey solution to all your event, incentive, meeting and conference needs, all of which are customised to your individual requirements. Below is a broad overview of our main service offering:


Organising events takes a special calibre of work ethic. Many different parties have to be brought together - and often within very tight time constraints and specifications. Our events consultants act as the spark that set the process going as well as the co-ordinator that make it all work together as seamlessly as possible, solving any unforeseen hitches along the way so that you don't have to.

Embassy Events


From finding venues of the right size with the perfect facilities, whether it's a seating space or a broadband for video conferencing, we'll help you to make sure meetings can be executed with flair - all while achieving the goals set out for them.

Embassy Meetings


Often spanning a number of days and requiring both meeting venues as well as accommodation for attendees, conferences require skilful planning and organisation. In this sphere, we can plan anything from small workshops to more elaborate overseas conferences. We understand all the different requirements of participants and speakers regarding facilities that need to be used, and will work with you to ensure your conference purposes are accounted for so that it's the success you need it to be.

Embassy Conferences


Incentives are done for the purpose of rewarding employee performance, retaining staff and boosting morale. They often include travel as a benefit along with enriching workshops and/or conferences. For this reason, they are a multitude of events in one and require expert assistance for everything to flow seamlessly together.

Embassy Incentives

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